Best Breakfast Spots in Luxembourg City

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As an early morning person, I really enjoy having a proper breakfast in the morning. Here are some of my favourite spots in Luxembourg City.


This is THE traditional patisserie in Luxembourg, this year they are celebrating 150 years. Having coffee at Namur does make you feel a bit old-fashioned but in a very nice way. The interior is very chic with marble flooring and generous display windows. Obviously their products are very good. For breakfast they rather serve sweet than savoury: all sorts of viennoiserie, bread rolls with jam or cheese, orange juice, Bircher Müsli etc. As for the coffee, I recommend taking a standard coffee, as their cappuccino is simply not the true Italian cappuccino. They are also famous for their “chocolat chaud”, a super rich and indulgent dark hot chocolate, served with some whipped cream on the side. The freshly squeezed orange juice is also to be recommended. The clientele is maybe a bit on the elderly and posh side, but the atmosphere and the service are very nice: luxurious, but not too much.

27, rue des Capucins

Tel: 223408

Mon: 11.30-18.00

Tue-Sat: 08.30-18.00

They also have a second store in the main station area (44, avenue de la Liberté) open from 07.45, with the same range of products but with less cachet to the interior.


This is the main competitor of Namur, as it is the second traditional patisserie in Luxembourg. Product-wise, they are quite similar, but Oberweis really has made some efforts to attract a more modern clientele. They set up a huge deli branch and generally serve more trendy food. Personally I do have a preference for Namur, as I generally like everything old-fashioned in food. However, their brioche and croissants are probably one of the best – if not the best in Luxembourg! As for the interior, they just recently moved across the street, and have now opened a super-modern mega store. It may be to the taste of some people, but I think it has lost a lot of its personality and comes across as a bit cold. So why not take a coffee and a croissant or brioche to go?

16, Grand-Rue 

Tel: 470703

Mon-Fri: 07.30-18.30

Sat: 08.00-18.30

Oberweis also have a store in the main hall of the railway station (only food to go), which is great if you need to catch a train in the morning (plus they are open from 05.30 weekdays and 06.55 on Saturday and Sunday).


This is a super cosy and laid-back place to have breakfast. They serve very good coffee and the place just invites you to hang out a read a book or a newspaper. Lots of young and international people. The atmosphere is a mix of Berlin and London, with a Scandinavian twist. The food is of very good quality but lacks sometimes a bit in finesse.  You will get sandwiches as well as cakes and cookies, and I’ve heard that some people have developed a real addiction to their carrot cake.

7, rue du Nord

Tel: 26201894

Mon-Sat: 10.00-01.00

Sun: 11-00-01.00



La Table du Pain

La Table du Pain is ideally located very close to the main bus station is Luxembourg City. Usually the breakfast will consist of a basket with some nice sourdough bread (their speciality), raisin rolls and croissants. On your table you will have all sorts of jam and chocolate spread jars, which you can help yourself from. You can also order eggs, bacon, cheese, ham, yogurt, fresh fruit etc. Again don’t order the cappuccino, but rather a normal coffee or some tea. At Table to Pain you will get a healthy, hearty and filling breakfast, but if you want you can also just have a coffee and a croissant or a muffin. The interior is all-wooden, in the style of an old French countryside house. There is a big table where several separate groups can sit at, as well as some small tables for two or four people. Table to Pain is quite similar in concept as the Belgian chain “Le Pain au Quotidien”.

There is a second address close to the main station (37, avenue de la Liberté, tel.: 29 56 63) only open on weekdays.

19, avenue Monterey

Tel: 241608

Mon-Sun: 07.00-19.00

There is a second address close to the main station (37, avenue de la Liberté, tel.: 29 56 63) only open on weekdays.


Here are some other addresses, where you typically just get some coffee and croissant – ideal to start a working day in the city.

Café Interview

21, rue Aldringen

Tel: 26200912

Mon-Sun: open from 07.00

Next to the Hamilius bus station, nice coffee, lots of “habitués”.

Le Pavillon Café

9a, place de la Gare

Tel: 27125959

Mon-Fri: 10.00-20.00

Next to the main station, superb interior (it was formerly the waiting area for the royal family), but a bit overpriced.

Update: Does not exist anymore. Now there’s a franchise of the French bakery chain “Paul” in the same building, which is a nice alternative to Oberweis at the central station. Unfortunately the coffee is not very good, but the bread is really quite nice considering it’s a chain. There is a second Paul on place d’Armes in the city center.

New Cafein

14, rue Notre-Dame

Tel: 46 03 48

Open Mon-Sat

Very nice Italian café, they serve great coffee, the ideal place to come and read your morning paper.



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