Ma Langue Sourit

Luxembourg has 10 one Michelin star restaurants, and one single restaurant with two Michelin stars. One of these one-starred restaurants is Ma langue Sourit in Moutfort, just a 15 minute drive outside the city center. I have recently visited this restaurant and had overall a very enjoyable experience. 

The philosophy of the restaurant is, according to the chef, Cyril Molard, formerly at La Pomme Cannelle (Hotel Le Royal), first and foremost about the quality of the product. The menu based on seasonal products, changes monthly, and uses organic and local ingredients whenever possible.


photo credit: Ma Langue Sourit

Upon entering the restaurant you’ll be seated on nice large tables, with a white tablecloth going down to the floor. I was a little disappointed by the interior of the restaurant. It is not very luminous, has quite low ceilings and is decorated in brownish tones. The paintings on the wall are by artist Stéphane Toma, and were not at all to my taste, as they are very colorful and illustrative compared to the rest, as they probably want to bring some light into the room. In my opinion the interior lacks in generosity and subtlety.


photo credit: Ma Langue Sourit
The waiter will then come and ask you about any food intolerances or allergies you might have, so that they are able to change the menu accordingly.
Then it’s time for an aperitif, a delightful moment where the sommelier wanders through the restaurant with a trolley with different champagnes to choose from.

Aperitif will be accompanied by some amuse-bouches, which were both surprising and very enjoyable. I actually think that this balance is what makes this restaurant an excellent one that well deserves its star. The chef has a true gift of combining surprising and innovative flavors in such a way that the result is just delightful to your palate without “trying too hard”. If you read the components of the dish you might get the impression that it will juts be too much of everything but once you taste it, it just becomes the most evident and natural combination of flavors ever. All is topped with perfect cooking technique.

The service is impeccable. Attentive and discrete at the same time: your water glass will always be perfectly filled and you don’t even notice the waiters clearing the table and placing new cutlery. A propos cutlery: both the cutlery and tableware are exquisite, very refined and not too modern.

Most people, and so did I, choose the discovery menu, which is a 6 set menu (don’t worry, each dish is quite small, so you’ll easily get through the menu, but you’ll also not leave hungry) for 82€ that will let you explore the whole array of culinary abilities of the chef.
You can also order à la carte, with a starter, main course, and dessert for 72€.
This is what the discovery menu of this month looks like:

Farm-made rabbit, foie gras and peanut terrine, dried plum and anis jam, herbs juice

Asparagus cooked “meunière” with savory, sweetbreads of calf, grilled dried fruits, garlic and bergamot broth

Steamed monkfish, spice powder, garlic breadcrumbs, leek and potatoes, salted butter purée, fish stock sauce

Little surprise, in my case it was: Cassis-cocoa sorbet, with marinated mackerel

Prime angus beef ribsteack roasted with sichuan pepper, spring vegetables millefeuille, “dauphine”potatoes and mushrooms, home-made ketchup

Cheese selection, jam and chutney

Dessert: biscuit with white chocolate, strawberries and green apple sorbet with epinette (spruce) fragrance

Little sweets for coffee



photo credit: Ma Langue Sourit

For wines, I chose to take the selection accord mets-vin (44€), where you’ll get a moderate glass of wine with every dish, so 6 wines in total. This was a very good choice. As a huge wine amateur, I truly enjoyed the selection. Once again, the choice was innovative (very few classic French wines), but not over the top. The sommelier will actually serve you the first wine to enjoy as a blind tasting. For the subsequent wines, you have the option of continuing to do blind tasting, a very enjoyable experience! The sommelier is great, he truly enjoys what he is doing and shares this with the guests.

My highlights were the asparagus dish (which I had with lobster instead of the sweetbreads of calf) and the monkfish. I also enjoyed the fact that each dish had an equal part of vegetables and meat or fish, as I often find that restaurants lack on the vegetable side, both in taste and quantity.
I was a little disappointed with the cheeses, they were good, but compared to the rest of the food not at the same level in my opinion.

As you can read, it was all in all a very nice dinner, and I will for sure be back. The quality of the food is excellent and the flavor combination is sublime.

Yes, it is expensive, but it is worth it!

Ma Langue Sourit
1, rue de Remich
5331 Moutfort
Tel : +352 26352031
Fax : +352 26352032
E-mail :
Tue-Sat: 12.00-14.00 and 19.00-22.00


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