Danish Deli

This new place in Luxembourg city opened just a few weeks ago in rue Beck, 2 minutes away from Hamilius. It is one of those new café-restaurant-bar-shop places that have been popular in big cities for a while now and that are slowly making their way to Luxembourg. 

The cuisine and products sold are entirely Danish. For breakfast you can have the famous Danish pastry or other type of bread/sweets. The bread is also sold at the counter, and especially the rye bread is worth a try.

I actually went there for lunch, for which they have a restaurant space on the first floor. The decor is very minimalist and nordic, but driven a bit too far I believe, as it comes across as a bit cold. Service however is friendly and welcoming. I had the famous smørrebrød, which are some sort of open sandwiches (maybe tartines would be the better translation). You’ll get 4 different types of smørrebrød served on rye bread. Each smørrebrød is carefully prepared with super fresh and tasty ingredients, with a nice balance of flavours. You cannot chose the toppings but on mine were: one with salmon, one with salami, one with parma-type ham, and one with cooked beef. Everyone was topped with a different sort of chutney, vegetable and herb, and presented some very nice flavour combinations.

If you are very hungry, the smørrebrød plate will however leave you a bit unsatisfied and the price of 19€ is definitively overpriced in my mind.

Other dishes on the menu include soups, salads, quiches etc. which all sounded nice as a bit different from the conventional lunch soup or salad. The dishes are priced between 12 and 20 €.

For each of the dishes there also is a wine suggestion, a nice concept I think as you can get the wine by the glass. All wines come from Danish wine producers all over the world: France, Italy, Australia, Chile etc.

On the ground floor you have a nice little shop with Danish products, but it’s rather an épicerie fine than a normal grocery shop. You’ll find cheese, meat products, baked goods, sweets etc.

All in all, it was a nice culinary experience, although a bit overpriced. But I will definitively give it another try.

Danish Deli

Mon-Thu: 07.30-18.00

Fri: 07.30 – 21.00

Sat: 10.00 – 18.00

3, Rue Beck, L-1222 Luxembourg



Tel: +352 26201736


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