Restaurant Brasserie Mansfeld

I have recently visited this restaurant on a Thursday night. The restaurant is known to be quite fancy and pleases a lot of tourists as it is located in a very pretty location in Clausen, one part of the old Town of Luxembourg city.  It is also just a few steps away from Rives de Clausen – a fancy party street with lots of bars and hip youngsters (although in my opinion too hip and too young, but that’s another story).

3 words to qualify my evening at Mansfeld: classic, honest food, a tad overpriced. If you want to experience something new and innovative, this is not the place to pick.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is quite nice actually. We were sitting in the room upstairs, overlooking the bar at the entrance. There is also another separate room on the ground floor. The restaurant is located in a beautiful old house, with wooden floors, stone walls and wooden and brick ceilings.


Me and my guest (well, fortunately I was the guest that night) had a Chateaubriand for two, cooked saignant, and served with crisp vegetables and roasted potatoes. The meat was very good, well seasoned and not too saignant. The accompanying sauce béarnaise was nice as well. Equally good were the potatoes, but the vegetables were a bit too crisp in my opinion. This is something I find a lot of restaurants do nowadays, as if a proper cooking of a vegetable would already be a violation. Another criticism I have to make was the temperature of the plates. Yes they were preheated, but not enough. For such a bit chunk of meat however, simply roasted and served without a very warm sauce, really hot plates are absolutely essential if you want to guarantee eating pleasure till the last bite.

As for the wines, this is probably one of my biggest criticism of the restaurant. The card is quite short (which I usually like), but just overly expensive, with a selection of only the most classic (and also maybe the most boring) Châteaux. They only have one or two wines served at the glass in both white and red. When I wanted to order a dry white Porto for aperitif, they had only one single selection, which turned out not dry at all, despite the recommendation of the waiter. The glass of red wine we had with the meat was ok, but that’s it.


Regarding service, the same as for the food applies: very acceptable but not much more.

We also had some desserts. I had a poached, ginger-infused pear with some citrus fruit sorbet. This was disappointing, as it simply tasted like a diet desert. No sauce came with the poached pear and the sorbet was too bitter. No indulgence whatsoever. My company had a moelleux au chocolat, which he enjoyed, but seemed too liquid for my taste (yes, I am very difficult when it comes to moelleux au chocolat).

All in all, it was a nice evening but certainly not a culinary event.


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