Bargello Gelato

This is the latest foodie hype in Luxembourg, and already so popular that it actually doesn’t need anymore publicity. But well, what can I say, the gelato at Bargello is simply scrumptious! 


They advertise as producing true artisanal Florentine ice cream, 100% natural, without any preservatives or colouring.

The shop is quite stylish and modern and has inside seating as well as a very urban but nice terrace in the back yard. The main element of the shop is a huge counter with individual ice cream tubs. In the back area you’ll find the producing area, visibly displayed through open windows. Nothing to hide here.

What I most like is their choice of flavours. You won’t find any strange-looking blue Schtroumpf ice cream, nor speculoos ice cream topped with Raffaelo and Toblerone. What you will find are true Italian flavours that taste what they promise to do. Very pure and powerful yet refreshing, just how ice cream should be.


So far I had Stracciatella, Chocolate sorbet (one of my personal favourites), Strawberry sorbet (another favourite), Kiwi-Banana sorbet, Pistacchio (great!) and Caffè (very nice).



You can have your ice cream either in a cone or in a cup. They come in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. What is great is that even for the small portion (which costs 2.5€) you can choose 2 different flavourings. The consistency of the ice cream is perfect with just the right temperature, and of course they will scoop it out the Italian way i.e. with a spatula instead of a scoop.

Alternatively to the classic ice cream, they also sell some other products such as tiramisu glacé, frozen cakes, ice cream popsicles, semifreddi, yogurt glacé, Sicilian granita and much more. All ice cream can also be taken away (0.5 or 1 liter format).

So what to say more, than put on your flip-flops and run over to Bargello for a real treat!

Address: 13-15 rue du Fort Elisabeth (just off Place de Paris in the Gare quarter)

Tel: 26 29 60 97

Mon-Sat: 11.00-20.00 (until 22.00 on Fri/Sat)

Sun and holidays: 14.00-19.00


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