Brunch at Bouneweger Stuff


If you are living in Luxembourg, you have certainly already heard about Bouneweger Stuff, an old cafe in Bonnevoie that experiences a second youth after it has been used as the film set of the Luxembourgish TV soap “Comeback” last year. Since then the average age of the cafe goers has dropped from 60+ to below 35. In short, Bouneweger Stuff is the new trendy bar in the city.

I have recently been having Sunday brunch, their brand new formula for Sunday morning/afternoon. It’s already so popular that a reservation is absolutely necessary.

For their brunch they offer five different formulas, from an English breakfast inspired, through vegetarian, salmon or sweet brunch. Additionally you can order order eggs, croissant, bread etc. separably. All of their products come from local and organic sources whenever possible, which is great!

Service has unfortunately been very slow, we got the drinks right away (coffee is good, cappuccino as well even though it’s not a proper Italian one), but for food we waited for more than 40 minutes. This is too long, especially considering that most of the food was probably prepared in advance. They are either clearly understaffed or they still need some time to find a routine.

Regarding the taste of what we eventually got, I would say it was good, but not excellent. Even though I highly appreciate the use of regional and organic products, the chosen products and their preparation somewhat lacked in finesse. As an almost exclusive organic eater, I can confirm that there are better products out there.

But generally it was a nice Sunday afternoon, and the initiative for a chilled out brunch is excellent, as Luxembourg is still deficient in that domain.

All in all I do recommend having brunch at Bouneweger Stuff, at least you’ll be trendy!

Bouneweger Stuff

1, rue du Cimetière, L-1338 Luxembourg-Bonnevoie

Tel: +352 26 19 05 50

Monday – Sunday:

Brunch: every Sunday




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