Bottega Mi & Ti

The restaurant Mi & Ti is the little sister of the Italian restaurant Mosconi. Mosconi is the only restaurant in Luxembourg to have earned two Michelin stars (at least so far), so my expectations were quite high when I went for lunch at Mi & Ti last time. 

Unfortunately my expectations have not been met. The place looks quite posh from the outside and also the interior is very chic. The tables however are much too close to each other, making the place noisy and rather uncomfortable. For a place that is often chosen for business lunches, this is not the best constellation if you want to have some discrete business talks.

Service is ok, but a little bit slow, there are too little waiters for the many tables.

What I most criticize however is the quality of the food for the price you pay. Don’t get me wrong, it is not bad, but if you pay around 20 to 25 euros for a pasta dish, this should be excellent and not merely satisfactory. My lasagna della casa definitively missed in finesse and the taste of the ingredients was just so-so. For someone that cooks pasta very often (thanks to my Sicilian relative), it was just not good enough.

The restaurant recently upheld his Bib Gourmand, but since my visit at Mi&Ti I have been at Caves Gourmandes (also detaining a Bib Gourmand) for another business lunch, and overall the experience there was much more enjoyable (with a plat du jour at only 16 euros)!

Bottega Mi & Ti

8, avenue de la Porte Neuve

Tel: 26 26 22 59



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