Loriers Comptoir Luxembourg

About a year ago, the exclusive Belgian traiteur Loriers has opened a new concept in Luxembourg city. Located at the ground floor of the new building of the Banque de Luxembourg at Boulevard Royal, this restaurant/brasserie is primarily thought to be a deluxe canteen for the employees of the bank and their clients.  Next to this reserved area, there is a restaurant space open for everyone, as well as a take away service. The interior is very nice, chic and modern, but still simple, and the separation bank/general public is well done. The perfect service certainly adds to this, as you don’t get the impression of being served only second. I had a salmon platter, and I loved it. They smoke their salmon from scratch, and very well so. Subtle and elegant in taste, yet very aromatic. My guest had a cauliflower soup which was excellent as well. The menu consists of a few basics like salmon platter, soups, omelettes, salads etc. Additionally, they suggest a seasonal changing menu (meat and fish) as well as a couple of daily suggestions. Alternatively you can have some of the sandwiches or wraps from their take away area. I tried their vegetable wrap (vegetables, herbs, salad and hummus), which was great. As Loriers Comptoir is a bit apart from the buzz of most lunch places in the City, you will have a very enjoyable and relaxing lunch break with excellent food and welcoming service! As for the prices, they are very reasonable considering the great quality of the products you get. What more to wish for?

As open from 07.30 onwards, Loriers Comptoir also serves breakfast.

Loriers Comptoir Luxembourg

14a boulevard Royal

open Mon-Fri 07.30-18.30

Tel: 49 92 45 023



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