Michelin Stars – The Madness of Perfection

I’ve recently come across this 1 hour documentary produced by BBC back in 2010.
Food writer William Sitwell investigates the all so mythic Michelin star carousel that dictates the functioning of high standing restaurants all over the world. 
There are numerous documentaries of the like but this one is particularly well done, informative and entertaining at the same time. Sitwell meets many top-notch chefs like Raymond Blanc, Marco Pierre White, Marcus Wearing and others. Particularly touching is the episode shot in France in Bernard Loiseau’s restaurant that his widow continues to run after Loiseau has committed suicide in 2003 (apparently provoked by the rumour of loosing his 3rd star, a 3rd star that has been kept ever since!).

You can watch the documentary here:

For more information:



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