L’Epi Dupin

This tiny but cheerful restaurant, located in the rue Dupin, Paris 6th arrondissement, is the perfect plan for a delightful evening with your fiancé, your friend, your mother and any other person you want to spend some nice time with, all alongside sumptuous food. 

Reservation is a must as the restaurant is small and highly requested. It does seem to be very popular with tourists though (without being a touristy place), there have been a few tables with Americans that seem to have come to enjoy the Neo-French atmosphere. Neo-French because the waiter knows his culinary English-French dictionary better than I do but the place still carries this Parisian busyness we all love. Hence you get all the goods from the French (almost!) without  the annoying Parisian arrogance.

On the plate you’ll find a quite classic cuisine with a young and modern touch. The starter of creamy polenta, with a poached egg and parmesan croquettes was definitively the highlight of the evening and not to be missed! The winter vegetables in a ginger carrot cream starter was very nice as well, and so were the mains: supprême de pintade filled with Comté cheese and served with crushed potatoes for her and jarret de veau with winter vegetables for him. The desserts were good as well, although not necessarily the forte of the evening: Baba au rhum and Sablé breton with apples, vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.

The wine menu is very nice, with some great and affordable wines to be chosen by the glass.

All in all, a sans faute, not the most amazing restaurant ever, but a very consistent delivery, professional but relaxed service, great atmosphere and very friendly guests (we sat between two lovely American ladies and a couple of quite well known French actors).

The bill comes in very sweet as well, the menu of 3 courses for 38€ and optionally a degustation menu for 49€. These are set menu prices (for each course you choose among 6 to 8 dishes), so you cannot really choose to only have one or two courses (which would be a pity anyway), and also some of the dishes require an additional cost of a few euros.

So, the next time you’re in Paris, definitively give this a try!

Epi Dupin

11 Rue Dupin – 75006 Paris

Tel: +33 (0)1 42 22 64 56 




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