For all the guys out there! This year it’s your turn to offer your lady a bretzel, this Sunday 30th of March 2014. 

For those that don’t know this old Luxembourgish tradition here’s a quick recap.

On the fourth Sunday of Lent, the man has to offer his (potential) sweetheart a bretzel, a sweet pastry glazed with sugar and almond slivers. If the lady accepts the bretzel, the man is allowed to visit her on Easter Sunday in order to receive a chocolate egg filled with pralines in return.

If the girl does not accept, she gives the guy a basket. That’s where the Luxembourgish expression “de Kuerf kréien” or “engem de Kuerf ginn” (getting dumped/to dump someone) comes from!

On Leap years, the tradition is reversed meaning it’s up to the girl to offer the bretzel and to get a chocolate egg in return.

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