Yamayu Santatsu

I am a great amateur of Japanese cuisine. Having myself adventured into the art of sushi making, a regular visit to a good Japanese restaurant is an absolute must for me. One of my favourite ones in Luxembourg is the restaurant Yamayu Santatsu in rue Notre-Dame.  The place is really tiny, so don’t come here for a first date, unless of course, you search immediate close physical contact. Also reservation is absolutely necessary, especially on weekends.

The food covers some of the most well-known Japanese dishes prepared with very fresh ingredients and the typical Japanese minimalism: sushi, sashimi, tempura, ramen and noodle dishes, fish and meat dishes.
That evening we had some sushi (perfectly cooked rice and fish of exceptional freshness), tempura (a little minus point here, as it was not crispy enough. I do however remember having eaten it already better at the same place) and glazed, grilled salmon (delicious).
The service is very attentive, the French waiter must have some Japanese genes in him. If you do not sit upstairs (where they have a few tables serving more than 2 or 4 people), you can watch the sushi master skillfully prepare the sushi in front of you.

In conclusion: delicious, unpretentious and very reasonable prices.

Yamayu Santatsu
26 Rue Notre-Dame
Tel: +352 46 12 49


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