Very Smelly

This weekend I have eaten my first piece of Durian. 

Durian is most known for its pungent smell that can be more or less bad depending on the species and ripeness.

I usually don’t think that cheeses smell bad, so I would not dare comparing the smell of Durian with that of cheese. No, the smell of Durian is far beyond what a human can bear. So why would you eat such a repugnant thing?

Well in Southeast Asia this fruit is regarded as the king of fruits and is appreciated for its sweet, creamy and dense flesh whose taste is often compared to sweet custard.

I’ll have to be honest: I did not have the chance to savour the apparently so tasty flesh as the smell is just so revolving that my taste buds have become numb. But now that the first step is done, I will certainly give it a go one more time. Half a continent cannot be wrong!

Here’s an interesting and fun article about the fruit:


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