Chiggeri restaurant – Disappointing!

I am quite rarely really disappointed in restaurant visits. Probably because I generally spend some time researching where to go. 

But my last visit at Chiggeri restaurant has just been disappointing to say the least! I visited this restaurant many years ago, and had the souvenir of a very acceptable restaurant with a great setting.

First of all, the restaurant was completely empty during the whole lunch time, which gives always kind of a strange atmosphere. The setting is still nice but the decor is worn out. Service was ok, but not exceptionally speedy considering we were only two for the whole floor (they do have a brasserie downstairs that seemed more busy though).

But the most disappointing of all was the food: for amuse-bouche, a (too) thick asparagus cream with absolutely zero gram of seasoning. For starters we had carpaccio of sea bream and tomato gazpacho. Both were ok, but the cut of the carpaccio wasn’t thin enough. For mains we chose the risotto milanese which was very average, not a nice quality of rice grain, and too pasty as consistency. The second main was duck aiguillete, which was simply 3 or 4 pieces of pan-fried aiguillette with a few poor carrot sticks on the side, without any sauce or other side dish. Just completely uninspired and lazy! Also, the plates have not been preheated; for a dish with only a few individual pieces scattered around and without any sauce, that’s completely unacceptable.

The worst was probably the dessert. Strawberries with Sichuan pepper. First of all it was a soup of mixed strawberries, and second the pepper was so strong and there was so much of it that it was almost unbearable to eat.

All in all, a huge disappointment and not to be recommended! A big excuse to my guest who had to be put through this misery.


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