Beware your fingers

Every kitchen amateur knows how important impeccable material is. This Japanese mandoline has been on my wish list for quite some time now. Well, I finally got it and couldn’t be more satisfied with it! In no time and without much effort you’ll have perfectly even, thin slices, strips, julienne or shreds. 

First of all, the minimalist design: it doesn’t take up much space at all in your cupboard, it’s nice and sleek, and can be cleaned very easily. So very Japanese. The cut is perfectly sharp, as you would expect from any Japanese style knife. The mandoline comes with a few different blades for different cuts (slicing, shredding etc.), and the width of the cut is adjustable (although even the thickest cut is quite thin actually, but for thicker slices I would anyway use a classic knife).
As you don’t want to shred your fingers, the mandoline comes with a protective guard that allows you to really go down to the very end of the vegetable/fruit you are slicing.
The only downside may be that the mandoline is quite narrow so large potatoes or onions won’t fit as a whole. But you can always cut them into two.

The mandoline I bought is this one
but you can find many similar models online.

Happy slicing!



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