Summer Read: The Sorcerer’s Apprentices, A Season at El Bulli

Are you going on vacation over the summer, are you looking for a good and easy read, or are you simply a serious foodie? Then give this book a go. 

The Sorcerer’s Apprentices: A Season at El Bulli is the first book of former New York Times’s Spain correspondent Lisa Abend and draws the portrait of a typical season at the all so famous Michelin-3-star restaurant el Bulli in Spain (the restaurant closed in 2011, read more about the restaurant here: ). More specifically, Abend tells the story of the 35 stagiaires (out of around 3000 applicants) that make it each season into one of the most prestigious training camps of the world (although the word training should not be understood in the traditional sense, as stagiaires learn anything else but making a pot au feu or a sabayon).

The book is well written and full of details that will leave you surprised, excited or shocked. You should however definitively care about food if you want to enjoy this book. I particularly liked the personal references the author made to some of the stagiaires, for example the astonishing story of Katie Button (who decided to go into cooking two weeks before (not) entering a prestigious PhD scholarship in neuroscience).

If you care about critics, here’s a good one

and here’s a not so good one

Happy reading!


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