This new address in the south of Luxembourg, in Dudelange, aspires to present simple and delicious dishes based on local, sustainable and/or organic products. The setting is stunning, both inside (modern and clean) but above all outside as the terrace is surrounded by many trees. If the weather is nice, definitively get a table outside and enjoy your meal with birds singing in the background.

Now to the plate: the concept of regional products is something that I value a lot, so my hopes were certainly very high for this new opening. I do have to admit that these hopes were not a 100% fulfilled. There were no faults whatsoever and it all tasted good, but the whole experience was too classic/plain, yes almost boring. It just seems that the restaurant has not (yet) found its character. Some of the dishes I could have very well cooked myself at home. If I go to a restaurant, I do want something more than “just” exquisite ingredients. The concept of simplicity is just driven too far. Also, I found that the portion sizes were slightly too large (especially the red berries soup as desert which was just humongous).

I do realize that I am being very severe, especially because I really would have liked to love this place. Service was nice, but a bit patchy (often too fast, not sure who is waiting which table etc.), the chef Angelo Vaccaro however is really lovely and will visit each table to get some feedback.


150, rue de la Libération, L-3511 Dudelange

Tel: 25 55 97 21


20140713-213505-77705367.jpgPoached egg on green asparagus and girolles salad, fougasse

20140713-213506-77706307.jpgKnuckle and breast of pork, crunchy and tender, bintje potato mash with summer truffles

20140713-213507-77707166.jpgSalmon with vegetables a la plancha, polenta



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