Pavillon Madeleine by Léa Linster

I don’t think that Léa Linster needs anymore introduction. Omnipresent in the German media, this Luxembourgish chef has won the Bocuse d’or in 1989 as the first and only women since. Her restaurant in Frisange/Luxembourg has kept its one Michelin star ever since it received it (in 1987). A few years ago, Léa Linster opened a brasserie style restaurant with simple and delicious cuisine at very moderate prices. 

The restaurant is located in a beautiful green park in Kayl (in the south of Luxembourg). The interior is modern and simple, has an open kitchen, but can be a bit loud sometimes. The terrace is absolutely beautiful, one of my favourite ones in Luxembourg.

I have been there quite a few times now, and I have never been truly disappointed. The cuisine is fresh, delicious and feel good food. This being said, the proposed dishes are very classic and therefore almost boring, especially if you go more than once as you see the same menu all over again.
Dishes include salmon tartare, langoustine salad, sea bass with fennel, poulet cocotte, beef tartare, vol au vent etc…
The food is simple, but well executed. The side dishes have gotten as much attention as the main piece, something that I often miss at middle class restaurants (delicious home-made french fries, very good side salad etc.). Unfortunately some little “mistakes” have come along the way such as some slightly too salty dishes, some portion issues (my guest had vegetable tempura as a starter which was just too big).

Service is good, without being affected. The wine card is great. If you want to go all the way Léa Linster, try the Crossmosel Riesling or the édition privée Elbling (a gorgeous Elbling, one of the oldest grape varieties in Europe, mainly grown in the Mosel region, but very understated for the last few decades).

If you want to spend a nice evening, with good and unpretentious food and a great value for money ratio, do not miss this place!

20140803-203822-74302470.jpgbeef tartare

Léa Linster Pavillon Madeleine

30, rue du moulin, L-3660 Kayl

Tel +352 26566

Wed-Sun lunch and dinner


2 thoughts on “Pavillon Madeleine by Léa Linster

    1. Dear Cindy,
      Thank you for your visit!
      Here you can find the recipe for Lea Linster’s madeleines
      It is in German only, sorry about that, but I am sure google translate will do the job for you.
      For your convenience, here are already the ingredients translated:
      80 g buttter
      3 large egg whites
      100 g icing sugar
      60 g flour
      40 g finely ground almond
      1 teaspoon honey (optional)
      1 pinch of baking powder

      If you enjoy baking Lea Linster’s recipes, have a look at her recipe for Christstollen:

      Happy baking!

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