Coffeeshop Knopes

One of my favourite coffeehouses in Luxembourg City has recently opened its new shop and fabrication/roasting atelier at 70, route d’Esch in Hollerich adjacent to the shop Robin du Lac. 

The initial address still remains at avenue de la Porte Neuve (in the Alima passage), a tiny little shop where bankers and mums alike will squeeze in for a delicious coffee/cappuccino or espresso for breakfast or after lunch.
Coffee is taken seriously here, and although the menu is very extensive (with every possible coffee preparation method from filter, french press, dripping to espresso and more), you won’t find any weird flavoured coffees (well a few basic ones remain just to attract the young customers I guess).
The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and the coffee is first class.
Some sweets and savoury snacks (bagels) are served but the star remains the coffee.
You can of course take everything to go and they also sell the coffee beans (freshly grounded if you wish) as well as coffee preparation material.



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