A couple of weeks ago, Michelin published their Bib Gourmand selection, an award for those restaurants that deserve a special mentioning for their excellent value for money menu, with a three course menu of under 37€. 

A week later, the 2015 Gault&Millau Luxembourg guide came out. You can find the whole ranking to download here

The restaurant Two6Two has delivered consistently and has been awarded a Bib Gourmand every year from its very opening till now. On Gault&Millau this year, the restaurant stepped it up a notch to 14 points.

Located directly behind the concept store Smets in Strassen, there are certainly more interesting locations to a restaurant. The interior is not particularly well designed in my opinion, despite the numerous good comments I have read about the design. The restaurant is a plain, quite boring long cube with a sleek but quite cold and uninspired vibe.

I also found that the service, which the restaurant is often praised for, is ok but nothing more, with a few inconsistencies here and there (having the feeling of being forgotten at the beginning, the cheese that the client can choose at the table but that is the prepared at the back etc.).

Now for the food, which still remains what is most important to a restaurant. I do have to say upfront that I didn’t feel too well that evening, so I only had a very plain vegetarian dish that probably does not reflect the whole spirit of Two6Two. But I tried my best and tasted the dishes of my company and also asked them about their opinion of the meal.

Two6Two presents a modern French cuisine with lots of different flavours and sometimes very special combinations. Think sashimi of mullet fish with timut pepper, yuzu pana cotta and wakame salad or guinea fowl with crispy polenta, Roscoff onion and trumpet mushroom.

The dishes are beautiful with a playful yet elegant presentation. The taste is usually there, but sometimes it is very off in my opinion. For dessert for example, we had a platter of chocolate treats. One of them, while looking like a gorgeous praline, tasted like a piece of cocoa mixed with water and gelatine. It certainly was not calorific, but the taste… Also, sometimes there were just too many flavours going on.

The menu Bib Gourmand worth 35€ is of very good value for a starter, a main and a dessert/cheese, with each time three or four options to choose from. The à la carte menu comes in at a considerably higher price tag for some of the dishes (e.g. 55€ for an entrecôte from the renowned butcher Metzger (yes, yes that’s his name!) in Paris).

The wine menu is nice with some good options by the glass as well as half bottles.

Overall, the restaurant presents and excellent value for money (if choosing the Bib Gourmand), but there are some flaws here and there. A special mentioning for the beautiful presentations and the sometimes courageous and mostly well done flavour combinations.


Restaurant Two6Two

262 Route d’Arlon, L-8010 Strassen

Lunch Mon-Sat, Dinner Wed-Sat

Tel: +352 26 11 99 97



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