Lucien Moutarlier

Do you fancy a yummy and chic pâtisserie in Lausanne? Try Moutarlier, a confiseur – pâtissier, with four shops on the Swiss Riviera (Lausanne, Montreux, Lutry and Chexbres). Moutarlier serves classic French pâtisserie with sometimes a modern twist. I haven’t tried all of their sweets but so far I have never been disappointed. 

Other than pâtisseries and chocolates, Moutarlier also sells bread, pastries, brioches etc. A special mentioning also goes to the sandwiches, which are both delicious and innovative, it definitively challenges your classic jambon-fromage without ever getting too fancy or over the top. Each sandwich uses a different kind of bread, which makes each product just very special. Think of beetroot bun with tomme vaudoise (soft Swiss cheese) and red cabbage or squid ink and olive oil bread with fresh organic salmon, sorrel and salad.

Very recently, Moutarlier has redone the tea room in its Lausanne shop on place de la Palud, which unfortunately is a disappointment for me. Yes, the old tea room needed a refresh but the new version comes across as too modern, loud, busy and has an almost cheapish feel. What a shame!

However this should not at all stop you from tasting the gorgeous products of Lucien Moutarlier! Take some with you to your friends, family and loved ones, or just indulge yourself. You won’t regret it!

A few months ago, Lucien Moutarlier featured on the French-Swiss radio show Tout un Plat. You can re-listen to the show here


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