Sunday Brunch in Lausanne

Are you looking to have a Sunday Brunch in Lausanne?  Then definitively check out La Couronne d’Or, a few steps away from Riponne. The place has a nice vintage feel to it and offers an inviting terrace for the upcoming summer days.IMG_1929

The menu is kept quite simple but has a good variety of different options. You can choose between 3 set plates: princesse (fresh fruit with yoghurt and granola, bread basket with butter and jam, croissant, orange juice), prince (cheese and charcuterie, bread basket with butter and jam, croissant, orange juice) and roi (smoked salmon, smoked trout, herb cottage cheese, bread basket with butter and jam, croissant, orange juice). Hot drinks have to be chosen separately, with the usual stuff and a large choice of different teas. Alternatively you can choose some of the plate elements on their own.

I chose both the princesse and the roi plate and both were very good. Nothing fancy and trendy, but comforting and good quality products that come at a very reasonable price (15 and 20 CHF). A special mentioning goes to the fantastic bread, which comes from Boulangerie Grin (rue du Valentin 66). As an eternal unsatisfied bread consumer in Switzerland, this is very good news for me!

The service is trendy and very welcoming, which makes up for some small faults (I would prefer the orange juice to be freshly pressed, and the cappuccino was not perfect). Besides Sunday brunch, the cafe is open everyday and offers a lunch menu every weekday, as well as a nice selection of beers and small tapas.

Reservation for the brunch is crucial, and if you want to have a more quiet start, come early i.e. from 11am onwards.


La Couronne d’Or
rue des Deux-Marchés 13, 1005 Lausanne

Tel: 021 311 38 17


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