Nandanam Lausanne

I usually find it difficult to enjoy a culinary experience in Indian restaurants as I am often disappointed with the lack of creativity and differentiation in dishes.  Chicken tandoori, lamb/beef/chicken/prawn/duck masala, palak paneer etc. are the usual suspects. If you would eat blindfolded you could have a hard time recognising which meat you are eating as everything comes with the same thick and often too fatty sauce.

I have to admit that I cannot really judge the authenticity of Indian dishes as I have never been to India but I cannot imagine that a country as huge as India has such a lack of culinary creativity.

So if you want to try some different Indian cuisine, check out Nandanam in Lausanne.

Nandanam is conveniently located a few steps away from the central station and is usually very crowded, especially on weekends (reservation is key). The menu is small and includes both classic dishes with a twist as well as some more original creations. As a starter, we chose char-grilled squid and beef with ginger salad. Both were very good, very aromatic and quite spicy but not to the point where you cannot distinguish the different flavours anymore. For the main course, we chose lamb rack with potato masala (one of the chef’s suggestions) and chicken thigh with coconut and mint. I less enjoyed the latter which was a bit dry and rather plain, but I thought the lamb was very good with a good cuisson and a very fragrant sauce.

The desert, orange chocolate cake with cinnamon ice cream, was ok but nothing more.

Prices are reasonable as quality, quantity and presentation are very good.

The service is polite but not overwhelmingly welcoming. But if you smile, you get a smile back 🙂



Av. Louis-Ruchonnet 11, 1003 Lausanne
Tel 021 312 23 00

Open Tuesday – Saturday (lunch and dinner)


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