All about coffee

Coffee culture has become very hip over the last years. Luckily it’s not all about questionable coffee fashions such as the numerous American coffee chains as well as the trend in coffee machines using capsules.  In many cities specialised coffee bars open that strive to serve excellent coffee. Often times these shops also sell a large variety of coffee from different origins and varieties. I have previously reviewed Coffeeshop Knopes (, Kaale Kaffi ( and Golden Bean in Luxembourg. ( These are also places (except for Kaale Kaffi, which do not sell coffee) where I usually buy my coffee. You may also want to check out Maison Santos in Luxembourg City (, only for buying coffee, they are not specialised in serving coffee).


In Lausanne I have not yet found such coffee places (if anyone knows, please let me know!). But what I have found is a coffee roasting company: Rast Kaffee ( They offer a large variety of different coffees, and are based in Ebikon, next to Lucerne, where they also have a coffee-making academy. Rast Kaffee sells more than 60 different coffees including pure origin, coffee blends, fair-trade and organic. You can buy the coffee online (but beware the coffee will not be ground, ships only to Switzerland), but Rast coffee is also distributed in some shops in Switzerland for example in Globus (with a much smaller range obviously, but in Globus you can grind your coffee after purchase, so it’s a good alternative if you do not have a coffee grinder at home). Generally it is best to buy your coffee in grains and grind it only upon purchase as pre-ground coffee looses its aromatics very quickly.

If you want to know more about coffee I can only recommend the book The World Atlas of Coffee by James Hoffmann. The book explains everything from production to brewing and describes the major coffee regions, all illustrated by gorgeous pictures.



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