Restaurant Thailand

Located in the quiet and posh neighbourhood of Belair, this restaurant is a staple in my go to restaurant list. Thailand opened more than 25 years ago, and was at that time the first Thai restaurant in Luxembourg. 

The menu is quite extensive with mostly meat and seafood dishes but also some nice vegetarian options. You will certainly find your Thai classics (Tom Yam soup, spring rolls, satay chicken, lots of curries) but also some more special choices (for example lobster or whole gilt-head sea bream). The quality and taste of the food has been impeccable ever since its beginning. You will maybe not have a total wow effect, but the food is fresh, aromatic, vibrant and comforting. My favourite dish is “Les Trésors du Patong” (pictured below) with squid, prawns and plaice in a light curry with basil.

The interior is absolutely beautiful and equally nice to go on a romantic date or have a relaxing supper with your friends or family. The service is professional, but slightly lacks in “smileyness”. Also the service is a little too fast (although I must admit that I am very sensitive on this).

In addition to the restaurant in Belair, Thailand has a second more recent restaurant (with a different menu) called Thai Celadon in the city center in rue du Nord.



72, av. G. Diderich Tel: 44 27 66

open Tue-Sun

Thai Celadon

1, rue du Nord Tel: 47 49 34

open Mon-Sat


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