Gelato, Gelato

Since I do not live in Luxembourg anymore, I truly miss ice cream from Bargello  (you find my review here:

But I have now maybe found its replacement in Lausanne. GeA, Gelateria Artigianale, is an artisanal gelato shop located in the center of Lausanne in rue Enning. Mainly working with local products (such as Cremo dairy products from Fribourg region or fruits from Lausannois producers), the ice cream and sorbets are delicious. I tried strawberry  sorbet and basil ice cream. Both were very good, not too sweet, aromatic flavours and good consistency.

I still should try some more (which will not be very difficult), but so far, so good.

Unfortunately the shop is only open from Thursday to Saturday, but if you are around, give it a try!

GeA Enning

rue Enning 8, Lausanne

Thu-Fri 11.00-18.00, Sat 10.30-18.00


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