Relaunch of latabledemirabelle

It has been a little over a year that I was last active on this platform. 

So what has happened? To be totally honest, I lost the motivation to keep this blog going. Between work, some new hobbies and let’s face it – laziness – I did not have the courage to start writing again. Also I was thinking how I could give a new direction to this blog as I was unsure how to find my way around topics such as food, travel and lifestyle.

I did not really find an answer to the latter (all suggestions are welcome), but I nevertheless decided to re-open my blog. I shall be starting with a three-part series about my vacation to Sweden this summer. I will be sharing with you my impressions around this trip with a particular focus on the hotels and restaurants we visited.

Thank you for your patience and your loyalty!

PS 1: As you may see, I changed the graphic design of the blog. There will certainly some bugs, especially in the old posts.

PS 2: I also acquired a new camera, so I hope you will see some better quality pictures in the future.



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