Sweden Part 3: Stockholm

After having spent one week in the Swedish countryside, coming back to a big city came a bit as a shock. I have heart many great things about Stockholm, so I raised the bar pretty high. Which may be why I was a bit disappointed.

Stockholm is an expensive city, especially for hotels. Prices are considerably higher than in the countryside and you get much less value for money. We stayed at Hotel Hornsgatan (http://www.hotelhornsgatan.se) very highly recommended online. While the room was fine, the general atmosphere was a bit cold and for the relatively high price, breakfast was a no go. After having had so many fresh and delicious breakfasts all over Sweden, this looked a bit sad. So you better have your breakfast at one of the many coffee places around the city.

The first night we had dinner at Usine (http://www.usine.se), a trendy French brasserie in Södermalm. Service and food were good but nothing special, the setting however is really quite beautiful. Plus, on Mondays you get 50% off on all your food.


For breakfast/lunch/coffee (or Fika aka Swedish coffee break) I can highly recommend Il Caffè (http://ilcaffe.se), also in Södermalm. The coffee is just perfect and the cinnamon bun (Kanelbullar) was the best one I have had in Sweden! Make sure to take some home with you, they last very well for one or two days. Their lunch options (for example sourdough sandwiches) also looked great.

A very in vogue cafe is Pom&Flora (http://pomochflora.se). Although the coffee and food (think avocado on rye toast, açaí bowl, chia pudding) were good, the place is a bit too trendy, with a bunch of hipsters appropriating the cafe for “working” and snapping pictures for their instagram.

For lunch/dinner we went to Barobao (http://www.barobao.com) on Hornsgatan. They serve Chinese/Taiwainese bao buns – soft, steamed bread buns with different fillings (meat, fish or vegetarian). The menu consists of 4 bao to choose from as well as some side dishes (e.g. 60°C egg or cucumber salad) and some meat/fish/vegetarian mains (still in a snacking portions though). Typically you would count 2-4 dishes per person, and it is a great place to share food with your friends. The concept looks simple but the different dishes all consist of a great combination of subtle and surprising flavours with fresh and good quality ingredients. Staff is super nice as well.

This completes my three-part series on Sweden. I will certainly return to Sweden at some point to see different parts of this gorgeous country!

Swedish Parity?

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