Vevey Bien

I love sandwiches! Bread is one (of the many) things I will not manage to give up and my boyfriend must regularly endure my complaints about the quality of Swiss bread. Yes, in Luxembourg it is easier to get hold of good French bread. Rant ended…

It has been almost two years now that Vevey Bien ( has opened in Vevey. Two former Lausanne palaces chefs have opened a sandwicherie where they offer good quality sandwiches and homemade patisserie. Nothing looks fancy here (they could actually improve a bit on their visual concept) but that’s probably not to distract from the important: what’s on the plate or rather in the bun!

The menu changes regularly and includes both warm and cold sandwiches. They go from the classic ham and cheese to some more adventurous suggestions such as “Kamikaze” with marinated beef, Teriyaki sauce, carrots, coriander and salad. None of the sandwiches however go overboard as it is the case in some of these deluxe sandwicheries where some of the impressive combinations simply do not work. Vevey Bien works with top quality ingredients, fresh and homemade (except for the bread).

I had the “Vevey à Mykonos” with tapenade, feta, tomato, salad, red onions, thyme and oregano. It was delicious, with the right balance between the different flavours, was easy to eat (i.e. you are not splattered all over with the sauce after eating) and was a good size for lunch. My only complaint would be … well, the bread. In my opinion it was too crispy (yes that does exist) and did not have enough “chewiness” which is so great in French baguette. That might be  a personal thing though, since my company particularly enjoyed the very crispy outside.

The patisserie was very good as well: a chocolate brownie and a revisited canelé bordelais (earns a special mention).

Prices range from 7 CHF to 14.50 CHF, which is a great price considering the quality. The place does have some (limited) seating space but if the weather is nice, have a seat next to the lake at only 5 minutes from Vevey Bien. De-stress guaranteed!

 P.S.: Vevey Bien was featured on Bille en tête at RTS la 1ère in April 2016 (in French)


Enjoy your sandwich at the lake

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