Brunch seems to have become some sort of rigorous sport lately. Past Sunday a group of friends and I wanted to try the monthly brunch at Ready (, a coffee shop at avenue du Bois, Limpertsberg.  Although I anticipated that the place would be very busy, the queue when we arrived at 11 was a bit discouraging. Thinking about going elsewhere, we quickly realized after a few phone calls that all brunch places in Luxembourg City were absolutely booked. No place for spontaneity! At Ready you cannot make any reservations, so your best bet is to either come at the opening (10.30) or around 11.30 when the first guests leave. As the space is rather limited, avoid coming in really large groups.


The rule for the monthly brunch at Ready is simple: you order your drink at the counter, pay a price of 19.5€ and you are ready to dig into the buffet. The food is a mixture between sweet and savoury, with an emphasis on the latter though. There are lots of different salads (quinoa, rice, couscous etc.) often with a middle-eastern taste (think pomegranate, feta, olives, lots of fresh herbs), cheese and meat platter, chicken wings, lentil balls, roasted vegetables, filled wine leaves, hummus, eggs, bread etc. On the sweet side, choose from yoghurt, granola, croissants, fruits, cake (the pistachio-carrot cake was delicious) and more. The quality of the food is very good and truly homemade with lots of love. There is a good selection but the choice is not overwhelming either. The coffee is top, and there are also some nice fruit juice and tea options available.

Although the coffee shop is absolutely packed, the owners (Ready was found by two Luxembourgish friends) and their staff manage it with professionalism and a smile. The buffet is regularly stocked up and looks nice even after an army of hungry beaks passed by. But do not expect to land into a haven of calm and peace, the place is buzzing with the usual crying babies and noisy neighbours. But the atmosphere remains great and the food is super delicious, better than at many other brunch places that I have tried. Ready is currently one of my favourite brunch spots in Luxembourg City and I will certainly be back for some lunch or coffee during the week. The brunch is held every first Sunday of the month, so do not miss the next time on November 6. It is also worth noting that they do have a take away option for the brunch (with a reduced price tag).

35, avenue du Bois, Limpertsberg


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