Panem et Circenses

Finally! This is one good tip in Lausanne I am more than happy to share.

Terre vaudoise ( at 100, rue de Genève is a great shop for all regional products going from fruits and vegetables to meat, cheese, dairy, bread, fish, wine, beer, condiments and many more. You can get top quality products, freshly provided by regional producers in canton Vaud and around.

Every Friday they sell a bread, which I officially declare best bread in Lausanne! Just how I like it: a good crust, a soft and chewy center and lovely yeasty flavour. The kind of bread that has waited several days before being baked and that will put a big satisfactory smile on your face when taking a bite. Besides a big white bread, they also sell a white baguette, and a baguette with bacon. It can easily be stored for several days and also freezes very well (if you freeze it the day you buy it, after defrosting for one hour at room temperature, it will just be like freshly bought). The bread is produced by Boulangerie Martin in Cully.


But careful. This bread is only sold on Fridays. And be rather quick, I am not the only one waiting for Friday mornings to pick up this delicacy.




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