Blackbird Coffee & Breakfast Club

Blackbird ( is a hip and trendy breakfast club, located underneath the Pont Bessières in the city center of Lausanne. This was my second time round and I came on a Thursday morning around nine. Since they do not take reservations, timing is crucial. Come here on a Saturday or Sunday morning between 10 and 11 and be prepared for a rather stressful waiting period in the staircase. This is unfortunately what trendy means. But is all this hassle worth it? Well not really if you ask me.

Blackbird Coffee & Breakfast Club

Blackbird is very proud of its coffee, which they roast themselves and also sell to take away (at a horrendous price I have to say, and I do spend quite some money on quality coffee). Well, the coffee was ok but that was it… The taste of the espresso in my cappuccino was only so-so and the milk foam, dusted with a good amount of this really sweet cocoa powder, was not fine enough.

Food-wise, they serve mainly hearty brunch options: a full English, eggs Benedict, breakfast burrito etc. Yes you can also ask for some bread and jam but what you’ll get is this polystyrene-like baguette you can buy at the petrol station.

Full English

While the full English breakfast was pretty good, the veggie omelette with salad was only la-la. It was served with some sad salad leaves and was definitively overpriced for 14.90 CHF. What was probably the best was the Bircher müsli with banana, raspberries and nuts, one of the few sweet options on the menu. The taste was not too sweet and the müsli was all nice and creamy with the little extra crunch from the nuts and seeds.

Bircher Müsli

Service-wise, nothing to complain but not overly sympathetic either. What is more annoying in my opinion is the instagram greedy clientele that you get in these hip places (although yes I do agree, I also photograph my food, but it’s for a good cause, right?).

So, I am still looking for the perfect cappuccino in Lausanne. I will keep you updated!


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