Do you still eat meat?

Eating meat becomes less and less politically correct and becoming vegan is the new trend. I do like eating meat, but only occasionally and of good quality. Beyond ethical grounds, the main reason for my little meat consumption is that I find that there are just so many other great things to eat that I often prefer a vegetable dish over a meat course.

Recently I have listened to the radio programme Alles in Butter on the German station WDR5. The topic on last week’s episode were the social, agronomical, ethical and gastronomical implications of meat consumption. The guest on the show was German academic Prof. Dr. Ulrike Weiler, who is researching in the area of animal and meat science. In May 2016 she published a book Fleisch Essen? Eine Aufklärung  ( in which she discusses our current meat consumption. I did not yet read the book, but the way she talked about her research on the show made me immediately order the book.

So for all German speakers out there, I can only recommend to listen to this both informative and entertaining radio show Alles in Butter on WDR5:

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