Coffee Lounge – Burger and Bar – Monthey

The concept sounds very appealing. Homemade burgers and fries with carefully sourced ingredients in a welcoming atmosphere and at decent prices. So do the reviews online, 4.5 points out of 5 on Tripadvisor and 4.7 out of 5 on Google is pretty good. All reasons for why I was more than looking forward to my recent trip to Coffee Lounge (  in Monthey. Unfortunately I left a bit disappointed…

The service is welcoming indeed and the menu is pretty attractive. One beef burger (Valaisan with 100% local beef, cheese, tomato, salad, cassis onion confit and optional bacon), one chicken burger, one salmon burger and one veggie burger. On top of that, Coffee Lounge creates each week a special burger only available that week. For example the Green Road Burger, a green bun with beef, Gruyère cheese, parsley sauce, dried bacon from the region, iceberg salad, pine nuts and a Rösti galette. Not sure how that all fits into one bun though.

You can either order the burger (small or normal size) on its own or with fries and salad. The meat was really pretty good although the outside could have been more grilled. But that was kind of it. I cannot really say that the burger was bad, since the ingredients were certainly of good quality. But the secret to a great burger in my opinion is the right combination of the different flavours and the perfect ratio between meat, cheese, vegetables, sauce and the bun. The Valaisan burger was first of all pretty big, such that you could not really eat it with your hands (how you should eat a burger, since this gives you something of everything in each bite). But what I disliked the most was the overall very sweet taste and the excess of moisture (which translated to sogginess after two minutes) in the filling. The latter was probably due to too much sauce (again very sweet sauce) and a very big slice of tomato. The excess sweetness came from the sauce, the bun and the onion confit. Onions are already sweet on its own, if you add cassis to that, it just gets overpowering.

The fries were lacking in flavour (or rather the potato) and were a little dry. All in all I was not that much impressed, although I really wanted to like it since I find the concept and the team very sympathetic.

Opening hours are very reduced, in the evening Coffee Lounge opens until 20.30 in the week, probably due to the fact that the place is located in a residential building. But this (and the confusing name) should change in 2017 when they open a new place in Monthey with also an extended menu and a terrace.

My favourite burger place in Switzerland still remains Inglewood, in Lausanne and Geneva. A proper review should hopefully follow very soon.


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