Tristan Carbonatto

It has now been a little over two years that I have moved to Switzerland. But I still haven’t found a chocolatier better than Tristan Carbonatto (link)

Now, just before Christmas, is the perfect season to head for a little trip to Bougy-Villars, a tiny picturesque village located between Lausanne and Geneva. Take some time though, not only to taste and choose among all the gorgeous chocolates but also because the queue can be quite considerable on Saturdays in December.

Chocolate Truffles

I already wrote a blog post 2 years ago (read: Chocolats Tristan) and I am still full of praise for the chocolates of Tristan. He manages to create chocolates of exceptional pureness and freshness that taste decadent and luxurious yet sophisticated without any weird flavour pairings. The ingredients are of finest quality and carefully selected amongst the best origins. The taste is truly intense without being sickening and just like a good wine, it has an extraordinary flavour persistence.

Some of my favourites are: white chocolate with vanilla caviar (and I am usually not a big fan of white chocolate), Matcha cubes, milk/dark chocolate with sesame, marzipan (amazingly flavourful) and of course all of the truffles.

If I were a Michelin travel guide I would certainly give it a three star – “vaut le voyage”!

The Shop in Bougy-Villars

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