I am finally reviewing Inglewood ( For me it’s the best burger place in Lausanne and here’s why. 

The place: The decor is young and welcoming. The restaurant is not very big which is why it if often cramped, but never uncomfortable. On a popular night, expect a wait of approximately 20 to 30 minutes in order to get a table. You can kill the time at a nice bar in the back of the restaurant.

The service: The service is very good. Laid-back but professional. A special mention goes to the handsome waiter (sorry I have no names), who is both very charming and competent and has been running the place since its beginnings.

The menu: Inglewood has a selection of 16 burgers on the menu (among which 3 with chicken, one with buffalo and one veggie) and 2 salads (but who takes a salad at a burger place anyways?). The burgers range from the classic (beef patty, tomato, salad, onion and inglewood sauce) to the Swiss (with Gruyère or Raclette cheese), the Mediterranean (with mozzarella or ricotta and pesto) to the Mexican (my favourite! with hot salsa, avocado purée and cheddar). Every month Inglewood also creates a special, seasonal burger of the month.

The burgers: Everything about this burger is great. It is unpretentious yet perfectly executed. Inglewood sources almost all of its ingredients locally and has very high quality standards. The bun is how it should be: soft, not overly sweet and not dry. The 160g beef is perfectly medium cooked and has a rich flavour. What is crucial for me in a burger are the proportions between the ingredients. It needs the perfect combination between the meat, the sauce, the pickles, the salad and the cheese. This is where Inglewood excels. Plus it passes the ultimate test: you can eat this burger with your hands without making too much of a mess. The fries are good too, salted but not too much, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and not overly greasy.

After your dinner you’ll feel perfectly satisfied but not stuffed. You might even have some space for one of their homemade New York style cheesecakes, with a Speculoos crust and raspberry, Ovomaltine or Oreo filling.

All in all, I give Inglewood a big thumbs up!

Dzodzet Burger

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