Kult Bäckerei

My quest for the perfect bread is still an on-going project that I take very seriously. My latest tip for you is Bäckerei Kult (http://baeckereikult.ch) in Basel. Created out of a crowdfounding initiative in 2015, Bäckerei Kult unites a dynamic group of young epicureans that are not only able to create a trendy yet welcoming space in Kleinbasel but they are also genius at making bread.

Bäckerei Kult offers a large choice of different breads (French baguette, sourdough, rye bread etc.), sweet and salty pastries, brioches, cakes and more. For lunchtime they also prepare inventive and delicious sandwiches (chicken with zucchini or gruyère with celery, apples and sprouts). I also tried their apple tart and the following morning the baguette and Zopf (a typical Swiss Sunday morning treat made out of half-brioche dough). Everything was great!

I do not really need to make publicity for Bäckerei Kult, since people in Basel seem to know what’s good. When we left after lunchtime on a Saturday, the shop almost completely sold out.

So the next time you are in Basel definitively check out Bäckerei Kult, not only to support this great initiative but foremost because the bread is totally worth a little detour.

Lunch at Bäckerei Kult

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