Bloom Coffee Shop

Open since a couple of months, Bloom Coffee Shop ( has quickly become one of my top tips to have a coffee in Luxembourg.  Located in the Gare neighbourhood (101 rue Adolphe Fischer), Bloom offers a totally relaxing and tranquil (yes you could say hygge) space in the buzzing heart of the Gare. Bloom surely knows how to do coffee, it is one of the best in town! The place is super trendy, yet genuine and very likeable. 

On top of their gorgeous coffee drinks, Bloom also serves homemade food, such as soups, quiches, banana bread etc. Nothing amazingly creative, but why bother when the old classics are super yummy.

Cappuccino and Valrhona Hot Chocolate

This sounds great, doesn’t it? The more I am surprised to see (and hear) that Bloom has had a very quiet start (something that might hopefully change after my review). For sure I don’t want Bloom to solely become the new headquarter for the 14 to 18 year old teenagers after school (since the place is so instagrammable), but I really wish Bloom all the success it deserves. What Bloom could actually do to keep clients loyal is to improve its communication, specifically about opening times. Theoretically Bloom is open Monday till Friday from 8am till 6pm and Saturday from 10am till 5pm. But a few times already I stood in front of closed doors with no sign in the window or on Facebook. What a shame!

Do have a coffee at Bloom, you’ll enjoy. They will be back after the holiday season on the 4th of January.

Bloom at rue Adolphe Fischer

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