Do you need to be hipster, unconditionally green or rich in order to be concerned about excessive packaging in supermarkets? No, definitively not, and the new shop Ouni (http://ouni.lu) in the neighborhood Gare is the perfect example of this.  Ouni sell literally everything without packaging, from obviously fruits and vegetables to cheese, nuts, grains, spices, bread, chocolate, oils, wine, toiletries and more. All you need to do is bring your own bags or containers, which can then be filled once you set back their weight on the scale. Alternatively you can buy the reusable fabric bags from Ouni (1€ to 2€ depending on the style) or use their bottles to fill up liquids. Finally, customers are welcome to leave their washed recycled containers (e.g. an old jam glass) that are not used anymore. Other customers that spontaneously pass buy and forgot their containers or do not want to buy new ones, may then serve themselves.

Spices at Ouni

Seems complicated you think? Not so much! The staff at Ouni (a lot of them are volunteers since Ouni is actually a cooperative) is very friendly, helpful and absolutely not condescending. Once you get the gist of it, everything is super simple and efficient. Plus you do not need to spend any more time at home to unpack your groceries. Just store them away and you are done! The vast majority of products is organic and is of very good quality. Certainly, most people will not totally switch their lifestyle and stop going to normal supermarkets, but you can actually get a lot of your shopping done here.

Buying without packaging does not only save the environment but also your wallet. Considering the high quality, products are surprisingly cheap here.

Coffee corner at Ouni

Ouni has also a sympathetic café corner where you can have a coffee with a slice of cake.

If you want to learn more about living with less waste, you may be interested in attending one of the many thematic workshops offered at Ouni.

Ouni can be found in rue Glesener in the neighborhood Gare, a 5-minute walk from the Central station or the Place de Paris.

Weighting area at Ouni


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