Sleepy Bear Coffee

Sleepy Bear Coffee ( is ideally located 5 minutes from Lausanne Central Station and is the new go-to address for a delicious coffee in Lausanne. Sleepy Bear Coffee is the result of a widely distributed crowdfunding campaign and finally opened in December 2016. You know how much I like coffee and maybe also how much I find it difficult to get good coffee in Lausanne, so I have been more than looking forward to this opening.


Located in rue du Simplon 3, the coffee bar serves the usual coffee classics (espresso, cappuccino, filter, cold brew etc. but also chai latte and teas). Luckily (I think!) you won’t find any sugary, sweet “coffee specialities” that you can find in some of the big American coffee chains. Sleepy Bear Coffee is concerned about the origin, the quality, the roasting and the preparation of its coffee beans and this definitively translates into the cup. On top of that, you will probably have a choice between two different coffee beans (single origin or a blend). The cappuccino is smooth and velvety as it should be and has the correct ratio of espresso, milk and milk foam.

The only downside of Sleepy Bear Coffee seems to be the exiguity of the location. I have visited the place on a Saturday morning early January, so the crowd was limited. But with only few seating, I can imagine that space quickly runs out. But in the worst case scenario you can always take your coffee on the go.

I highly recommend Sleepy Bear Coffee! I will certainly be back.




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