Le Pointu

Located in a gorgeous Flatiron like building in rue Neuve, Le Pointu (http://www.le-pointu.ch) is the new place to be in Lausanne. Opened in September 2016, this new place for all day long breakfast, lunch, brunch, coffee, dinner and drinks, open 7 days a week, is a dynamic project of 6 École hôtelière de Lausanne graduates. They are joined by Swiss lifestyle blogger Sofia Clara responsible for the very popular Saturday and Sunday Brunch. 

I went on a Saturday for brunch time. Good things first: the interior is beautiful with a gorgeous old tiled floor. The service is young but professional, something that a lot of similar places often miss. Only the brunch menu was available, a menu composed of both savoury and sweet dishes. Some dishes are a bit too trendy to the point of being a little boring: by now everyone knows about avocado on toast, eggs benedict or açaí smoothie bowl. But the toasted corn bread with spicy salsa, coriander, tzatziki, and fried egg was an excellent surprise: creative and super yummy! My company had the eggs benedict. Well executed (maybe the hollandaise was a tiny bit too citrussy) with a good salad.

Toasted corn bread with salsa, tzatziki and egg

The coffee was very good in taste, although the cappuccino was not truly a proper cappuccino (but you know my obsession with cappuccino). A bit more deceiving were the desserts. The carrot cake was a little bit dry and not really indulging while the avocado brownie (a brownie with avocado instead of butter) could have benefitted from, well …. a little butter.

All in all, Le Pointu serves a solid cuisine in a very inviting setting. The only (very personal) downside is the public this type of cafe attracts. More than half of the guests spend more time instagraming their food (almost to the point of getting up on their chair to get the perfect flat lay Instagram) than actually tasting what is on the plate. It is also this type of clientele that shapes what will be on the menu. Almost everyone ordered eggs benedict although the corn toast was much more interesting from a culinary point of view in my opinion. This is regrettable, and often times spoils my pleasure to visit new and en vogue places, but not the fault of Le Pointu.

All in all I can recommend Le Pointu! I am looking forward to be back for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Le Pointu in Rue Neuve

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