Fratel e Napule

This should be a typical situation for a lot of you: Wednesday night, empty fridge, empty stomach but no motivation to get off your comfy couch. I quite honestly admit that this situation does not really happen to me as I tend to be quite organized, especially around food. So this Wednesday night pizza stay in was more of a planned scenario than a spontaneous action. Here’s my review on Fratel e Napule (

Waiting for my pizza…

So here we go. Fratel e Napule do have a restaurant space with a few tables but most people come for take away or call for delivery. I called around 19.50 on a Wednesday evening so a rather popular time. The lady on the phone took my order and informed me about a waiting time of around 40 minutes. Surprisingly 20 minutes later the doorbell rang with the sympathetic delivery guy carrying our two pizze. Great!

…and there it is

I must admit that looking at the menu got me a bit scared as I saw some weird suggestions such as a pizza with chicken and pineapple or one with hot dog and potatoes. Not very reassuring in terms of Italian authenticity so we went for a safe option, Diavola and Vegetariana. The pizze arrived still very hot although the dough suffered a tiny bit from being trapped in a carton box during transport. This made the dough a tiny bit too chewy without any crisp to it. But you could always reheat for a couple of minutes in a hot oven.

The Diavola had a good amount of spicy kick to it but was overall quite salted. The Vegetariana came with a generous portion of tasty vegetables. The dough is flavourful and has the right thickness (not too thin nor too thick). All in all a solid performance.

Is it the best pizza of Lausanne as they claim? Not necessarily. I also do like the pizze from Chez Mario (see my review here: Chez Mario). The salami on the pizza Diavola was spread quite unevenly (making sharing couples fight), something that happened already on another occasion on the Quattro Stagioni (one artichoke for a quite large pizza is a bit of a joke). But overall I can recommend Fratel e Napule, the service was quick and efficient, the delivery guy quite cute (sure that counts!) and the pizza was tasty. The prices are very correct too (they range for 16 to 23 CHF for a normal 30 cm size), and you even get 30% off the listed price if you do your own take away, which then makes its officially the cheapest pizza in Lausanne.

Pizza Vegetariana

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