La Bavaria

Are you afraid that vegans are taking over the culinary world? Fear not, as the brasserie La Bavaria ( is still alive and kicking. Located in the mythical rue du Petit-chêne, one of the many very steep streets in Lausanne, La Bavaria is one of the oldest brasseries in Lausanne.

No hate for the vegans and vegetarians (I eat myself little meat), but bringing a vegetarian here is “cause perdue”. You’ll probably find one or two vegetarian dishes on the menu. What they really excel in, are the traditional brasserie type dishes like choucroute, beef tartare, kidneys, beef tongue etc. You’ll also find Swiss specialities on the menu such as rösti or Zürcher Geschnetzeltes. There is no hiding in their cuisine as La Bavaria serves food without chichi, honest, well prepared and tasty.

As a starter I had my first green asparagus for this season (of course not local, I must admit) served with crispy valaisan ham and parmesan chips. The perfect way to start a meal!

Choucroute royale

The choucroute royale is quite epic as you can see from the photo, but I can assure you that there is some actual choux underneath that meaty layer. The roastbeef was very tasty (the meat was maybe a little too salty) and served with a homemade tartare sauce, a pickled salad and rösti. I really enjoyed the pickled salad as this showed some welcome fineness of the chef. Instead if placing a few good old salad leaves on the plate, this pickled salad was a real added value in terms of flavour and subtlety.

La Bavaria is also specialised in beers from all over the world. As I do not enjoy beer, I cannot say anything about this, but considering that most people order a beer, I assume it’s good. You can also come to the brasserie just for drinks, and the place is open all day long.

Roastbeef avec sauce tartare

The service is “French” but efficient and sympathetic. The clientele is very masculine (what else do you expect with such a menu) but laid back and very diverse. But I was certainly nonconformist with my elegant Sonia Rykiel midnight blue cape. The interior is great, it has the feel of a buzzing brasserie paired with the intimacy of a small bistrot du coin.

There are a lot of mitigated reviews of La Bavaria online, most of which I cannot agree with. No, La Bavaria is not your latest hot spot serving trendy food and having bootlicking service. They have real food served by real waiters and eaten by real people!


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