Chèvrerie de Leysin

Beware cuteness alert!

You are in Leysin and it’s pouring down with rain? Here’s what you can (and should!) do. The chèvrerie de Leysin is situated 25 minutes walking outside of Leysin (direction Aigle, alternatively 10 minutes by bus, stop: en Crettaz, or by car).


The farm is held by family Perreten. Formerly a cattle farm, they converted their exploitation to goats in 2011 mainly for economic reasons. Now they have 60 goats, with the majority being female goats used for milk production. One adult goat carries between one and two offspring per year and a newly lactating goat gives around 4 litres of milk per day (but much less after a few weeks). Not much considering the amount of milk that is needed to produce cheese. That’s why this family business is a truly passionate affair.


You can visit the farm upon reservation or just by passing by, to learn about goat farming and the production of cheese. The goats are super cute and cuddly and the owners are lovely. After visiting the farm, do not forget to pop into the adjacent cheese shop, where you can find fresh cheeses, goat’s milk (upon reservation), goat salami, eggs and other homemade products such as elderflower syrup (super yummy, the elderflower comes from the family garden) and fruit jam. All the products are certified organic.


The Perreten’s produce around eight varieties of goat’s cheese. I chose the affiné (aromatic and slightly chalky in consistency, my favourite), the tomme biquette (very creamy), the buchette (very fresh) and the petit sec. The latter is the most uncommon one: it is actually a fresh goat cheese that has been let dry so it is surprisingly tangy and very intense. The goat salami was the first goat meat that I ever ate. The flavour is not as strong as I thought it would be, but really quite subtle. The salami is nicely flavoured and not too smoky.


Some of the cheeses are sold in nearby shops for example in Manor in Montreux and Monthey. All in all, all the products are very, very good, of true artisan quality where you can see and taste the work and passion that went into it. I highly recommend visiting this beautiful place!

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