La Panetière

Eureka! I have found another great baguette in Lausanne.

Located on boulevard de Grancy 26, just 5 minutes walking from the central station, La Panetière (link) is a small independent bakery. Although quite unnoticeable from the outside, the long queue on a Saturday morning should tell you you’d better make a stop here. The production is located on site, just behind the sales area. You’ll find everything from bread, baguette, a huge selection of flûtes au beurre (a typical Swiss salty apéritif snack made of … a lot of butter, but just delicious), sandwiches, tartes and other patisseries.

Fougasse aux olives

I opted for an olive fougasse, a chou à la crème and the unavoidable baguette au levain. The baguette is gorgeous, crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside with an aromatic smell and taste. Nothing beats a piece of fresh baguette with a nice layer of good quality butter slathered on it (btw my favourite butter in Switzerland is the Beurre de Tradition from Milco). Heavenly!

Chou à la crème vanille

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