Hoa Sen

Two weeks ago I enquired a friend about a recommendation for a good Thai restaurant in Lausanne (do you know any?). He has been living in Thailand for some time, so I was expecting an authentic tip. Well instead I was given a Vietnamese address, Hoa Sen (link). But this was a great idea too!

Hoa Sen is located close to Riponne in the city center of Lausanne. It is the kind of restaurant you would not spontaneously step into, as it looks like one of those numerous Asian restaurants that all serve the same pre-prepared and boring food without any personality. So we agree that the interior is rather modest looking. But what about what’s on the plate? Where the Vietnamese cuisine really excels in, is in serving colourful dishes full of fresh vegetables, greens and herbs offering a flavourful, light and refreshing cuisine that will leave you deeply satisfied.

As a starter, we opted for the summer rolls. They were good, although very classic and a bit ordinary. We then chose the spicy Satay chicken and the grilled tofu on vegetables and vermicelli. The chicken was very tender and had a nice spicy kick to it. The tofu was excellent (although they could have been a little bit more generous in tofu), crispy and aromatic with a perfect texture. The tofu came on a bed of fresh (merely marinated) vegetables and vermicelli and was served with a tangy dressing. Delicious!

DSC_0842 (1)
Satay Chicken

Hoa Sen serves honest, fresh and yummy food. It will not elevate you to food heaven, but it is all in all a solid performance. It comes without any frills, you’ll get what you ordered. It’s the perfect don’t-wanna-cook-tonight midweek restaurant and has very reasonable prices. Definitively give it a try!


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