Luckily has Turkey more to offer than its president. Ararat (link) is a friendly, family run Turkish restaurant in the middle of Fribourg. Everything is delicious here. There is a great selection of meat and vegetarian dishes for example stuffed aubergine, kofta or mixed vegetarian mezze. The ingredients are fresh, the portion sizes are just about perfect (leaving some space for a cheeky desert) and above all the cooking is done with lots of love. The service is very friendly, do not hesitate to ask for any recommendations. Beverage wise I would like to point out the excellent homemade hibiscus iced tea and the Turkish coffee.

Ararat will leave you feeling content but not overly full nor will you have dug a hole in your wallet. It is the perfect place for a spontaneous lunch or dinner with your fiancé, friend, office mate, parents or siblings or even on your own. You will be very well received here.

Stuffed eggplant

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