Loom Gelateria 1900

Summer season is just around the corner, so get your sandals and bermuda shorts ready. Another essential item for summer is artisanal ice cream. I already raved about Bargello in Luxembourg (linklink) and Gelateria Artigianale in Lausanne (link).

Loom Gelateria 1900

I now have tried Loom Gelateria 1900 (link) in Lausanne. I visited the gelateria on a Sunday late afternoon, one of the first really summery days in Lausanne. No wonder that the queue was considerable and we waited for around half an hour to get to the precious gelati. More than enough time to take a look at the display with all of the flavours served. There are a lot! Of course the classic ice cream and sorbet like vanilla, chocolate, lemon or raspberry but also more adventurous ones like matcha, sesame, ginger, rose water etc. and one or two doubtful ones like bacon.

The flavours

Unfortunately they do not have any proper waffle, only the styrofoam like industrial product (well maybe they were out of stock, due to their success on a Sunday afternoon), so we went with cups instead. We got two small cups (that’s already quite a generous portion with two possible flavours) one with black sesame/salted caramel, the other with pineapple/blackberry sorbet.

Both the sesame and caramel were very good, especially the consistency was great! The caramel was rather sweet and the salt could have been more present, but it was yummy nevertheless. The black sesame was just perfect! The sorbet however was quite a disappointment. The fruit flavour was simply not enough present. If you do artisanal gelato without any artificial flavours, using ripe, in season and aromatic fruits is key. Also the consistency of the pineapple sorbet was too watery (leaning towards a granita) and the blackberry still had all its seed, making for an unpleasant surprise in your teeth.

Maybe I was just unlucky with my choice, but so far I would definitively go for the ice cream rather than the sorbet. Don’t get me wrong, we are still way ahead of the stuff you buy at the supermarket, but if you compare Loom sorbet to some other artisanal sorbets I have tried, they do come a bit short.

The service was lovely and the prices are correct too. There is no seating inside or outside, so head over to the nearby Parc de Milan to enjoy your gelato!

Pineapple and blackberry sorbet

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