I vividly remember this place from when I visited my uncle in Zürich as a kid. Already at a young age I had a ravenous passion for everything food related and I kept pressing my nose against the shop window staring at the gorgeous dried fruits and nuts.

Schwarzenbach Kolonialwaren, with this slogan has this delicatessen shop in Zürich existed since 1864 selling “colonial goods” i.e. exotic and rare products. The exotic label may not be true in 2017 anymore but this beautiful shop has retained all its charm and still sells exquisite products.

Schwarzenbach in Münstergasse 19

The main reason I stopped at Schwarzenbach during my last visit in Zürich is to buy some coffee. They roast their own coffee (actually in one of the shop windows), so you’ll be guaranteed high quality, super fresh coffee. Other than coffee they sell everything what was formerly an exotic product; tea, nuts, dried fruits, chocolate, condiments, spices and so on. Everything has been carefully selected and the shop is fully staffed to give you the best possible advice.

10 years ago, Schwarzenbach opened a proper coffee place next door. Beside making perfect coffee (they passed my cappuccino test with flying colours), they also serve sandwiches and cakes. You must try the cheesecake (berry or plain), a delight!

If you still cannot get enough of it (or simply do not live in Zürich), head over to Schwarzenbach‘s online shop (link) for some serious foodie heaven shopping.

DSC_0973 (1)
Cheesecake with berries

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