L’Initial (Paris)

Imagine French cuisine and Japanese art de vivre had a baby. What you would get is a restaurant like l’Initial in the 5th arrondissement in Paris. A classic yet modern, delicate and inspired, complex yet simple cuisine. The cuisine flows so organically that you cannot think of a better way of doing things. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera, so you’ll have to believe me on this without any proofs… Continue reading “L’Initial (Paris)”


London Dinner: Babur

Complaining about the lack of good Indian restaurants in Western Continental Europe has become somewhat of a habit for me. I often find restaurants to be cooking multiple boring variations of the same curry, exchanging the poultry for lamb, and the red curry paste for yellow curry paste, often times combined with medium quality ingredients.  Continue reading “London Dinner: Babur”

London Afternoon Tea: The Wolseley

I have already featured The Wolseley (https://www.thewolseley.com) on this blog (Post: Culinary London). Occasionally I like to revisit the same address some time later to see whether my review still makes sense. So during my latest trip to London I went once more for an afternoon tea at The WolseleyContinue reading “London Afternoon Tea: The Wolseley”

Sweden Part 1 : the West Coast

When deciding where to spend this year’s summer holidays and longing for some quiet nature space while avoiding too much heat and sun, we quickly settled on Sweden. But where? Sweden is a huge country! Initially interested in going to the very north, I got a bit scared when I read about all the self-sufficiency techniques you should acquire. After all I am still an epicurean and do enjoy a chic hotel and a nice restaurant.  Continue reading “Sweden Part 1 : the West Coast”

The Ampersand Hotel

During my recent visit to London, I stayed at the Ampersand hotel in South Kensington. Opened in 2012, this stylish boutique hotel located in South Kensington offers luxury but affordable sleep (well sort of, but hey it’s London, right?) in a chic area of London. Continue reading “The Ampersand Hotel”

Quick London Tip: The Gate

Located both in Islington and Hammersmith, the Gate is a very nice vegetarian restaurant in London. In a busy but relaxed atmosphere, the restaurant serves modern and innovative vegetarian cuisine with friendly service and very correct prices. Continue reading “Quick London Tip: The Gate”